One Week In Sardinia: 9 Itineraries To Help You Plan The Perfect Holiday!

Planning your next sunny holidays?! Check out these 9 itineraries for #Sardinia ! Super detailed and hopefully useful for you to discover my amazing island <3

Philippines: Coron Vs El Nido Paradise, Which One Is The Best?

This article was long due (like...3 years long due!) But you know me, I'm a super slow writer!Everyone knows how much I loved the Philippines and my visit to Palawan was certainly one of the highlights of the 4 months I have spent in there.
However... before flying to Palawan, it took me like 1 month (no kidding) to decide whether I should go to El Nido or Coron (2 of the most amazing places in the Philippines).... well well... so glad in the end I decided to visit both and now here I am, trying to compare them.
So who will be the winner between these 2 paradises? You can read it or even just look at the pictures/video to decide for yourself!

#Philippines #Palawan #Coron #ElNido #Paradise

Prima volta a Marrakech? Ecco la Guida per amarla all'istante! - Smazing

Barattare Leoni con Cammelli? Sacrilegio! E invece no, anche con il ricordo del mio viaggio magnifico nel sud dell'Africa, sono rimasta affascinata da Marrakesh, capitale del Marocco. Sicuramente piu' accessibile dall'Italia ma non meno meravigliosa di altre località remote dell'Africa.

Se vuoi farci un salto, leggi i consigli su cosa non perderti in questa citta' coloratissima nell'articolo che ho scritto per Smazing Life, un portale con articoli che spaziano dai viaggi ai consigli di bellezza, come rimettersi in forma e tanto altro. Scritto da donne...per le donne! <3

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Have you ever been to Rome, if so... what was your reaction, HATE OR LOVE?

No matter how many times I visit Rome, I have lived in the eternal city for 3 years and, more than 10 years later, I still feel my heart skipping a bit when I finally see the sign "ROMA TERMINI".

Rome has something magic I can't even start to describe, it is the only city in the world who has its own soul, and not everyone can feel it.

Your approach to Rome it is going to be black or white: either you'll love it for life or you'll hate it for life. Mine was, and always will be, Love: At first sight and forever.

No matter the crazy traffic, the dirt on the streets, the crowded touristy sights.

Rome will remain the most beautiful city in the world to me.
Especially when totally jet lagged you find yourself walking at 4 am in it's deserted and unusually quiet streets just in time to get to Castel Sant'Angelo to admire the sun rising over the Tevere river. MAGICAL! <3


Paradise on earth! Want to visit Sardinia? Check out my article with 9 free itineraries for you <3 #sardinia #holidays #Italy #paradise #beaches

Nomadic Matt

Thanks, Nomadic Matt for the feature, it's always a pleasure to recall my story, my misadventures and to tell people that they might be the next one to do something crazy as I did almost 5 years ago! #DreamBig guys! ALWAYS!

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"The moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars"
13/10/2016 - 13 /06/2017 = 8 full moons here in Mexico.
From that very first night, looking at the gigantic blue moon to now, the last view of its beauty in Mexico. Time has passed in a flash, hard to believe that 8 full moons would have changed me so deeply.

Forever thankful for having chosen Mexico as my home, I will miss it very much, but if there is something I have re-learned in Mexico is that living in the here and now is the key to happiness so I will enjoy every single moment away from the place I love...until we meet again! ♥

THAILAND HOLIDAYS : The Ultimate Guide To Plan Your Trip In Style

I can't even count how many people asked me about Thailand! Well then, here we go, Not only you can read a super detailed guide on all you need to know before packing your bags, but thanks to @ultimateclassairfares you can also travel in style! <3 If you have any questions, or more things you want to know about Thailand, let me know so I can also add them to the article ;)
#Ad #Thailand #Takemeback #Holidays #Asia

One Week In Sardinia: 9 Itineraries To Help You Plan The Perfect Holiday!

Are you planning a trip to #sardinia but you don't know where to start, which part of the island you want to visit or where you should stay?
Check out these 9 Itineraries I have put together for you, including maps, destinations, best accommodation and details (more coming soon but it's already a massive guide!)

Enjoy Paradise <3 I will also be there for the summer, taking a break from Mexico to explore once again my own Island.

See you there!

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The magic of a cloudy sunset in #sardinia 💙
The rock you can see from the distance is called "Pan di Zucchero", literally "Bread made of sugar". The panoramic view from Cagliari to Masua/Nebida, in the south west part of Sardinia, is one of my favorites, especially at sunset 😍
Check out & follow me on my new account @welovesardinia for more Sardinia inspiration!

Koh Tao Diving: Useful Tips To Get Your Scuba Licence Now!

Since I haven't written a lot about my scuba diving experiences here in Mexico (but I will!) I'm going down my memory lane of my times in Koh Tao, another great place to try! if you are headed to Thailand, check it out... it's a super comprehensive guide on how to get your license and get close and personal with whale sharks & turtles <3

Top 5 Countries For Seeing The Northern Lights & The Aurora Borealis

One day I will finally realize my dream of seeing the incredible northern lights! Have you ever seen them? In this article written by my friends Agness and Cez from they list 5 amazing places to make the most out of this incredible experience. Where to go and more! Check it out if you have the same dream <3 #Drooling

Photos from Clelia Mattana Keep calm and Travel's post

Sometimes a relaxing day in a lovely location is what you need after days of moving around non-stop! Here I'm in Tulum, and...surprise, even if they are quite fascinating, there are no picture of the famous spot at the ruins :D I would have rather stayed in the swimming pool and chill all day long <3

Top 6 Amazing Tree House Hotels That Will Make You…Fall From The Tree!

I love Tree Houses, no ... I'm actually obsessed with them! So here is a piece about my favorite tree houses hotels around the world that I will be definitely checking out!

Soon to come I will make another list with just some private tree houses, to drool over a bit.

What is your favorite?!

Why I Won’t change Who I Am Because I’m A Travel Blogger.

Let's start the new year by affirming who we truly are, without fears, expressing our opinions freely. If you feel like your behavior is significantly different from your real self, then it means you are in the wrong "relationship" (with your job, friends, doesn't matter).

The right things are the ones that allow you to be yourself, no matter what. Here is my take on why you won't see any change in me because I have this job. Same old clumsy, quirky, weird Clelia as usual ;)

South Namibia: 4 Unmissable Things To See In One Week Of Camping!

#Namibia was the first country I visited in #Africa, I couldn't have started better. Surreal is the closest word to describe the beauty of this place! Have you ever been there? If not, you are missing out BIG TIME!! <3

Wild Dog Safaris Thanks for the incredible experience!!!

Mexico: Swimming with the turtles in Akumal

Since I moved to Mexico I had the opportunity to visit amazing places (a lot more coming soon on this page so stay tuned! This one is a mini video of the day trip I took from #PlayaDelCarmen to #Akumal to finally swim with the turtles and manta rays.

In here you can just see the turtle as I'm putting together a bigger video and a blog post on how to visit Akumal responsibly as I think it is very important to respect these lovely creatures.

We are in their home after all, so we should pay extra care to avoid destroying their habitat just for our own amusement <3

Have you ever been to Akumal? Or swam with the turtles? If so, share your picture or video! To the next adventure.... Ciao!!

A mini tour of my flat in #Mexico! I hate being in videos but here we go! Talking in Italian, welcome to my lovely house 😍

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My interpretation of the super Moon yesterday evening in Playa but... in blue ;) Turns out that the first stable habit I have created so far in here is a nice long walk on the beach every night! <3

Why I've Stopped Travelling Full-Time

Food for thoughts in here! I still haven't found the perfect place to settle down (but I'm working on it right now!)

Everything that Lauren Juliff says in this article is so true. Of course, each one of us has his/her own reasons for wanting to find some more balance in life, and travelling full time, as I always repeat, is not for everyone.

Heck, after a few years is not even for me. I will always love travel and will never stop for good, that's for sure, BUT ... read the article and you'll have a good idea of what I'm talking about ;) (one day I will add some of my reasons too).

Freedom is not necessarily being able to leave your routine but also being able to create a routine that makes you feel happy and accomplished. That's what freedom is all about to me.

Aldo b&b Sardegna

Earlier this week I posted a video of the amazing #Seychelles and compared it to my beautiful #Sardinia. Here is why! 💙

Seychelles Paradise

So, what do I do when I am not hanging from the edge of the highest waterfalls in the world, looking completely nuts? I try to look nuts on a deserted beach, waving to invisible people :D For the records, no, I'm not nuts! There were a few friends in the water too :)

Dare to Live! My Victoria Falls crazy Adventures :)

Literally, this was the highest moment of my African trip :D I did this at the end of 3 spectacular weeks camping with Wild Dog Safaris, an overland adventurous journey from Namibia to Zimbabwe and then I decided to cross the border to get to Zambia to try this crazy adventure <3 Would you do anything like this? Have you ever done something really crazy?!

Memory Lane: Traveling Around The Philippines!

Why Traveling to the Philippines is a MUST! (and I loved it so much!) Have you ever been??

Sardinia in Pictures: My 15 Favorite Instagram Photos!

There is no place like home! #Sardinia <3
My best shots mostly taken with my smartphone ASUS #ZenfoneZoom

What To Expect When Traveling To The Philippines

Everyone knows how much I love the Philippines! Here is a quick article on how to get ready to discover paradise <3

Seychelles Mermaid Fail!

This is what happens when you try to be cool! :D

My African Adventures Part I : NAMIBIA & UGANDA

Today I spent the whole afternoon doing one of the things I love the most (even if I'm not a professional, or maybe because of that!): creating videos!

I have so much footage from my 2 incredible months in Africa and today I decided to put together a quick video with some of the highlights of my time in Uganda and Namibia.

Landscapes AND people, it doesn't get any better! This video is just an appetizer... I had to choose and cut a lot to avoid creating a full 2hrs movie!

So many of you have been asking me when I'm going to publish my articles (I know...I'm super late, but oh... words are so hard to come when it comes to Africa! I guess everyone knows that by now <3)

I'll dedicate the whole month of August writing about my incredible adventures in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and the Seychelles!

I'll try to give some practical advice based on your questions as well as an emotional recap of my journey (finally!).

Thank you so much to all the people that made this once in a lifetime trip possible. I have no words to express how incredibly awesome and professional you all have been!


Namibia: Liz Kirby of Wild Dog Safaris
Uganda: Miha Logar of Gorilla Highlands


Kenya: Tufayn Mangal of @glorysafaris
Tanzania: Mbonea Joyce and Ally Magassa for Ang'ata Camps & Safaris
Seychelles: Davidoff Cool Water and Nicholas Rogers for Resaplanet

*YouTube Version with full commentary (and probably less shaky) in here :

Rome Off The Beaten Path: Top Places You Should See!

Rome to me is more than a city. I always say that it's a place with a "soul". Everyone probably knows the main sites as St Peter's Basilica, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza di Spagna and, obviously, the Colosseo, but what about the less known places? Do you have any other to add to the list?

My Visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau. What To Expect And Why I Felt “Nothing”.

If someone asks me which article on my website I'm more attached to, I wouldn't have any doubt about it. It's definitely the one I wrote about my visit to Auschwitz - Birkenau.
Traveling doesn't always equal stunning places but it also means understanding our history and most importantly, trying to avoid doing the same mistakes again. This is why it is so important for everyone to visit Auschwitz at least once in their life.

Have you ever been there? If so, what was your reaction?

la Repubblica

No matter what they say, keep trying, chase your dreams if you can. Life is one, make the most out of it!

Travel Advice: 10 Tips To Follow For A Trouble-Free Trip!

Want to learn from my mistakes? here are 10 travel hacks to help you plan a stress-free holiday... Halleluya!!! :D

Everything Is Possible: This Guy Has Cycled For More Than 50.000 km Around The World!

Dino Lanzaretti is definitely my hero! And here is why :) He believes that everything is possible. I share the same belief. What about you? Do you have an epic adventure you would love to accomplish?

BREXIT: How to move to UK / England / London: The Ultimate Guide.

#BREXIT: Will it change How to move to the UK from the EU? For now, everything is the same, but keep an eye on this article as I will be editing it and adding more info, considering the outcome of the Uk referendum.

Smartphone Photography: Take Beautiful Photos Using A Mobile Phone!

Lately, people have been asking me about a few shots I took with my new smartphone, here there is all you need to know about it plus a few tips and tricks to take some very good shots with your mobile!

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Dedicated to my Italian people <3


Questi giorni mi avete fatto capire quanto anche una persona semplice e normale come me possa nel suo piccolo fare qualcosa per gli altri.

Ho ricevuto tantissime lettere e messaggi stupendi, di persone semplici, un po come me . Spaventate dall'incerto ma che cercano il coraggio per cambiare. Quello che voglio dire e'... Non Mollate! Non esistono fallimenti, soltanto lezioni di vita che ci fanno crescere.

Voi mi avete detto che sono una fonte di ispirazione, ma non avete idea di quanto voi abbiate fatto per me!

Grazie a tutti di cuore <3

How Traveling Changed Forever My Approach to People

The more I travel, the more I realize that people can really make or break a trip. It doesn't matter how awesome a destination is, the single most important factor to transform an average trip into an epic one is interacting with the right people. Is it true for you as well?

One Week In Sardinia: 9 Itineraries To Help You Plan The Perfect Holiday!

I'm almost done (It's taking me soooo long to finish this but it's going to be worth it!)
Just check out my massive guide with 9 ready to use itineraries -including maps- to guide you step by step to the most beautiful areas in #Sardinia <3

Albania Travel: Tour The Country Like the Albanian People!

Did you know that #Albania has some of the most lovely beaches in Europe (And much more to offer)?!

Why Long Term Travel is NOT a Holiday!

So, do you really think that all travelers do is relaxing on a beach sipping a mojito? If so, read on!

This is an article I wrote just 3 months after leaving for my long term trip more than 3 years ago... and it still stands true!

Most Underrated Countries You Need To Visit Right Away

Can you guess which countries are the most underrated ones in the world? Any other you want to add to this list? Let me know :)

Rome In Summer: Things To Do In the City & Surroundings!

Ahhh Rome! I just tell you one thing... if you're planning on visiting #Italy and DON'T spend at least a few days in #Rome (my favorite city in the world!) ...SHAME ON YOU!! :)

Stay tuned as I'm going to add so many things you should be doing in Rome!

Fairy Tale Turkey In 1 Week: 8 Places To See & Things To Do!

Ahhh Turkey!!! why it took me so long?! After my recent second visit to Istanbul, here is a complete guide on the 8 things I loved about the country! ;) What are yours?!

Adavegas Travel Agency Thanks for the Amazing trip!!! <3

UK By Car: Top 3 Road Trips Through England, Scotland and Wales!

The UK saga continues with a post on the best Road trips (and I LOVE road trips!!) My favorite one is the third one in Scotland... been there and it's awesome. Which one is yours?

How to move to UK / England / London: The Ultimate Guide.

This month is completely dedicated to my beloved UK & England! I lived 6 long years in there, and I know how much it has to offer! Not to mention that, no matter how bad the weather is, I still miss it sometimes!

Here is a complete guide for all those people who would like to move to England just as I did almost 10 years ago! <3

Top 10 Beaches In The UK As Voted By TripAdvisor Users.

Who says that in the UK there are not awesome beaches as well?!
Check this out to change your mind :D

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After a few months of wandering around...I'm back to the origins: My beloved SARDINIA! If you want to visit my island hurry up and check out my article, as I'm already receiving an insane amount of requests :)

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"When the blue of the ocean and the red of the sky come together, magic happens! #LoveTheOcean #WhatMakesTheOcean"

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